Freelance Designer Rates, Design Agency Quality

Here at Blue Eyed Marketing & Media, we strive for the very best in customer service. Blue Eyed Marketing & Media is lead by Amy Steinert, a designer with over 15 years. We are a small, yet talented freelance graphic design and website design agency, specializing in the following types of creative services.

Logo Design and Branding

Identity is everything… So let’s get it right

Working from a blank canvas, through discussion and research, the right look and feel to your logo and business identity can be discovered. This is especially important for new business and start-ups because your main rivals have had a head start on you. In conclusion, you will need to catch up, fast! From initial branding for every aspect of subsequent design for the business. Good branding equals good business.

Web Design

Your website is your shop window

Unique, attractive and fully functioning web design created from layout to full production. Your site is may already performing well for you on Google. This, however, might not be enough. Poor design could be costing you customers who are put off by factors you may not have considered.

The project could be a simple brochure site, or something larger. It may require sophisticated web development. Freelance graphic designer can deliver and is up to the challenge. Maybe A website redesign will be the boost your business needs to keep customers logging in? It will reflect the quality of your business’s product, therefore raising the standard and your perceived value.

Graphic Design for Print

A design that you can hold on to

Amy has designed printed media for a wide range of companies. She has extensive knowledge print techniques and technicalities. Brochures, flyers, booklets, printed advertising, magazine design. These are all excellent ways to get your business out there and establish your brand with the customer directly. Either, your printed materials get noticed or you are wasting your time. Rather than throwing good money after bad, why not contact us for a free consultation?